so my bestie and i were texting the other night about being a bundle of paradoxes and i said this to her… we decided it should have it’s own graphic.

ps: she took this picture of me, isn’t she amazing?!

a couple weekends ago my friend kate visited me and we went to the vintage finds and handmade treasures market.  we both found a couple treasures, then we went to greenbluff and mels nursery.  it was the best little saturday and it made me so excited for the holidays!

i want to make everything here.

i loved these letters cut out of books… i think kate (ever the book lover) was a little sad haha.

this tree, at mels nursery, is ammmmazing.

these suitcase and that screen?!  give me the gimme wants.

gaaaah, i loved this pink christmas tree, also at mels.


the perfect saturday eh?

so i finally got an a iphone a couple weeks ago – insert victory dance here – so exciting!  of course i immediately began researching cases and trying to decide what i would want.  really loved all the designer cases at the apple store and online buuut they are pretty spendy and i was having a hard time committing to just one pattern, hah.  finally i decided i would just buy a cheap one at tjmax until i could decide which case i really wanted.  so i bought a frosted iLuv case for 5 bucks, now that i can afford!  then one night i was looking through my scrapbooking supplies and it occurred to me that i could put a piece of patterned paper behind my cheap phone cover and it would probably be really cute and i could change it out when i get bored!  brilliant!

there was a piece of cardboard inside the cover as part of the packaging so i used that as a template, you could just as easily trace around the outside of the case.  then i traced around the hole on the case for the camera and cut it out with an exacto knife.  it’s that easy!

so cute right?!  and i really do love that i can change it out anytime i want.

then if you want to be really coordinated you can take a picture of the paper and use it as your background!

i had the amazing opportunity to stage an apartment for spokane metro magazine, thanks to my awesome friend ashley!  the pictures turned out amazing and they even mentioned me a couple times, so cool.

mark, who is renting the apartment, already had most of the furniture but the space still didn’t feel personalized at all.  i added a new color for the accent wall, a rug, toss pillows, artwork, leaning shelves on either side of the tv stand and lots of decorative accents to make the space reflect mark’s style: colorful, industrial and modern.

the scale of mark’s tv stand was not creating a good proportion with the focal wall it was against.  we add height and width with a couple inexpensive leaning shelves.

i fell in love with this coffee table that mark bought from a local artist, it really inspired a lot of what i did with the design of the rest of the space.

this is another piece by a local artist… sooo cool.

pillows from pier one, these really helped to add a little texture to the sofa and incorporate all the colors we were using throughout the space.

for the shoot i chose to stage the dining table too, this way it wouldn’t look like just a big block of brown blah in the pictures.

this was such a fun project, i hope i have the opportunity to do more like this in the future!

i have totally been neglecting my blogging, please forgive me.  here is part of what has been keeping me busy lately, planning a baby shower for my bestie anna and her little bun peyton june.  we wanted to go a little shabby chic and a little modern and then at the last second we decided to make it a tea party and use her mom and mother-in-law’s tea cup collections!  it was so so so much fun to put together.


baby node

 getting ready for my bestie anna’s  baby shower!

the front of the invitations.

i discovered a new use for pretty pink house brooches…  on hats!  i love it on this simple hat, and what’s better than throwing on a cute hat when you don’t have time to wash your hair?!  i am super excited to be visiting my bestie, anna, this week.  we are going to be doing all kinds of artsy stuff together annnnd watching hours of the oc and oth, which never seem to get old no matter how many times we have watched them.

we are planning a photo day so check back later this week to see what fun we had :)

ps… in case you feel the need to treat yourself to something cute check out my shop pretty pink house

pps… in case you haven’t also been following anna, you should.  she is preggers and has been doing the most amazing photography and graphics for her baby book.  here’s her blog  a design love affair

this is one of my best purchases recently.  i bought this typography stamp set when they were on sale and i am loving them.  i had bought this little jar just because i liked it and it turned out to be just the right size to fit all of my little stamps.  theeeen i had this scrapbooking  rub-on of a vintage type writter that i had been saving for something special.  it was seriously PERFECT to put on top of this jar.

i love to mix the caps and the lowercase.  hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

i am so excited we will be headed stateside a week from today!  i am feverishly trying to get things organized and packed and cleaned.  i must say going home is the best motivation i’ve ever had to do all of these things :)  cleaning my studio is one of the biggest things on my to do list.  i am going to be home for 4 months so i am going to be taking somethings with me to keep me entertained.  prioritizing what to take has been so hard!

this is one of the most satisfying things i’ve accomplished, hah!  i have done a lot more than just organize my thread but i just love this.  my aunt actually sent me this box for embroidery thread but i really needed something to put my thread in to take home so this was perfect!  i sort of hate the way the thread is spooled here, but having it organized like this makes it so much more happy.  for the last 6 months my thread has been rolling around in various drawers and on top of my sewing table so it’s kind of a relief to have it contained!  when i get home i will commandeer my grandma’s old sewing box, it’s already chock full of every color of thread imaginable and most of them are on wooden spools.  then i’ll add these spools to the box and fill this up with embroidery thread.  it’s the little things in life, isn’t it?

wow, it has been ages since i posted anything, sorry about that!  i have been in a funk, but i’m starting to feel better so that is a relief.  i whipped up this little necklace the other day.  i’ve seen a few of these lace necklaces on etsy and thought it’d be fun to make one with some on the vintage buttons i have for pretty pink house.  it turned out to be the perfect icing on the cake that is this little summer dress i bought.

i LOVE the button with the carriage on it!

don’t judge my wrinkly dress, hah!  i had actually already packed it to take home for the summer.

i will be doing lots of traveling over the next month but i’ll try to be better about at least sharing something pretty now and then :)

this is so fun!  i love how it turned out.

click here to download!  cat eye glasses friendly reminder these are for personal use only :)

and you’re done!  my computer crashed while i was in the middle of working on this so thats why suddenly i’m typing this way.  i would love to know if you do something with the free download!

have a great weekend!

i have been really into the whole nautical thing lately…i think its cause i live near the water.  regardless, i cant seem to resist some navy blue and white stripes!  the other night i was looking at dresses online because i’m thinking i’ll be wearing more dresses and skirt this summer rather than shorts.  i am loving dresses right now especially because they take all the guess work out of getting dressed.  rather than putting an “outfit” together you can just throw a dress on and you’re done.  plus they really are just so comfy.  anyway, as i was looking at dresses i wondered if i could figure out how to make one.  so i googled it, watched a couple youtube videos, went to the fabric store and spent about 7 dollars and this is what i came up with! no patterns or anything, i LOVE that!

i think it turned out pretty darn cute for the first dress i ever made!  it only took me a couple hours, mostly because there were a few incidences where a seam ripper was necessary, hah.

here is the link to the main video i used to make this, super easy, really!